Sell in the US, risk free

We identify European brands with untapped demand in the US and give them an entirely new sales channel in the biggest consumer market in the world.

Compete on Quality, not Price

We turn millions of data points related to your brands existing online presence to show you exactly how many sales you're missing out on.

We'll work with your distribution team, take delivery of goods in Germany, and take responsibility for positioning and selling your products in the American market.

Grow your brand with A.I. models

Latent Demand

Our engine uses data from Google, Amazon, and more to find niches consumers are hungry for ("sourest gummy bears in the world")

SEO Optimization

We use best in class techniques to optimize our brands and products so that they shoot up the rankings of e-commerce sites and generate their maximum sales potential.

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About us

A team passionate about quality

We bring the best consumer products to the United States. We are a team of experts in technology, marketing, and logistics who are importing high-quality food, beauty products, and more.

By continuously introducing new and exciting products to the US market, we can help to broaden people's palates and minds. We are committed to sourcing products that are not only delicious and effective, but also leave our customers with a smile on their face.


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